Canadian Immigration & Nationality Law

Do you have a Canadian immigration or nationality issue? Then you will want authorized legal representation as provided by a Canadian immigration lawyer. Canadian Lawyer Terry Preshaw is one of very few Canadian immigration lawyers in the United States and has decades of experience helping Americans enter Canada.

Admissibility to Canada

Many Americans are surprised to learn that a youthful indiscretion resulting in an arrest and/or a conviction has made them inadmissible to Canada. If you have a criminal record, DUI history, or have EVER been refused entry to Canada, then we invite you to call us at 425-259-1807 or email for a Canadian Admissibility Evaluation BEFORE you seek entry to Canada. This phone call could save you and your family thousands of dollars in unrecoverable costs. The CBSA has become increasingly sophisticated in criminal history data retrieval. Many technically inadmissible folks have been traveling to Canada for years without any issue. Those days are over. The good news is that there is frequently a path to admissibility. Call today and let us help you!



Do you need a temporary resident visa (TRV) or  temporary resident permit (TRP) to go to or through Canada? Does your work in Canada fall under an exception that requires no work permit – just visitor status? Canadian Immigration Lawyer Terry Preshaw is authorized to represent you at both the Canadian Consulate and Canadian Border. Call 425-259-1807 or email and schedule your Canadian Visitor Entry Evaluation.


Does your company want to transfer employees to Canada? Are you an American citizen eligible to work in Canada pursuant to NAFTA? Not an American citizen? Perhaps a different Canadian work permit category fits your needs. Call 425-259-1807 or email Canadian Immigration Lawyer and schedule your Canadian Temporary Work Permit Evaluation.


Ready to settle permanently in Canada? As of January 2015, Canada introduced a new system to streamline immigration: “Express Entry”. Under this system, complete applications will be processed in six months or less. Call 425-259-1807 or email to schedule your Canadian Permanent Resident Evaluation and find out if you are eligible for this and/or other programs.


Could you be a Canadian Citizen and not know it?

In April 2009, Canada changed its Citizenship Act in order to give Canadian citizenship to certain people who had lost it and to recognize others as citizens for the first time. Were you born in the U.S. of a Canadian parent? Were you forced to give up your Canadian citizenship when you married an American?

Eligible individuals may automatically be Canadian citizens but will not have proof of citizenship unless they apply for it. We can help – call 425-259-1807 or email and ask to be scheduled for your Canadian Citizenship Evaluation.